Opa Grill

Opa Grill: Video Review

Opa Grill in Parker Colorado is one of the highest rated restaurants (by “Social Networking Sites” for foodies … see the “Social Proof” section of this review towards the bottom). I finally made it over today (Friday, 15Aug2014) for some lunch with a new friend, Jiyoung Yun, from Korea.

Here is a real quick video review that I created while sitting on their patio shortly after we finished our lunch.

Disclosure:  We had a late lunch (arrived at ~1:45p) and they were not busy.  I have no idea what kind of volume that they normally experience at Opa Grill and how that may impact your overall dining experience.  We also sat outside on the patio.

Opa Grill: the Soup – Avgolemono

Really enjoyed the soup. Had a very “home-made” taste to it. Would definitely order it again (especially considering that you can add it onto your lunch for only $1.99).  Prior to ordering the soup I asked our waiter if they had any other soup and he answered “no” … so the Avgolemono is the only soup that you can probably expect to enjoy from Opa Grill here in Parker, CO.

Opa Grill: the Steak Sandwich

The steak sandwich could have been seasoned slightly more and cooked slightly less (was not dry, so don’t get the wrong idea) but it is something that I would order again. Prior to ordering this sandwich again, I would order some other fare from their menu.

Opa Grill: the Verdict

  • Food = 4/5
  • Service = 5/5
  • Value = 5/5
  • Atmosphere = 5/5
  • Overall = 5/5

I’m going to take a moment to praise the staff at Opa Grill.  I mentioned earlier that we choose to sit outside on the patio.  I’ve had many patio dining experiences were the service was less than desirable.  We could have also had exceptional service because the restaurant was not during normal lunch or dinner rush hours.  When I go back, I’ll be sure to update this review based upon additional experience(s) … and yes … I’ll definitely be back to this place.

Opa Grill: the “Social Proof”

Prior to trying new restaurants, I normally check what other people have to say.  Here is a snapshot of that …

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How was your food and overall dining experience?  Please let me (and others) know by commenting at ‘Yonks is a Foodie’

Read the Entire Review at 'Yonks is a Foodie'
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